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Little League Tee Ball

Tee Baller

Often, a family’s first introduction to Little League® is in the Tee Ball program. Tee Ball is the entry level division for players, ages 4-7. The experience is grounded in fun, fitness, and fundamentals while also being a key to growing a child’s love for the game.

The Little League Tee Ball program provides volunteer coaches with everything they need to create an environment where players will learn the skills of the game, while having fun and staying active. Parents and legal guardians of Tee Ball players are crucial to the extension of the program, and their satisfaction is equally important to its success. The outreach and inclusion of this division sets the foundation for continued participation in the local Little League program.

Each Little Leaguer is required to play one season of Tee Ball before being eligible to be evaluated by the local league officials for consideration to advance to a higher division of Little League baseball or softball.

Tee Ball players use bats and balls (baseballs and softballs) designated specifically for use in this division. The roster size for a Tee Ball team averages 7-10 players, with a season featuring 1-2 practices per week with a single game played on weekends.

Parents are strongly encouraged to become involved in this entry level of Little League. After completing a Little League volunteer application and passing a required national background check, parents may become involved in practices, and be eligible as coaches, managers, umpires, local league board members and other volunteer positions within the league.

General Schedule format for Tee Ball

Each season starts with a few weeks of practice to get our youngest players ready for the upcoming season. In Spring we take about a month to devote just to practice in order to teach the fundamentals of baseball.

Typically parents can count on one practice on a weeknight (Monday - Friday) and one on Saturday.

We know, it would be great to know WHICH night of the week - right? Unfortunately with only one Tee Ball field at our disposal and an un-known number of teams registering for each season, we can't create practice or game schedules until all of the team drafts are complete. Once the weeknight practice is set, however, it will remain that way for the rest of the season.

On opening day games start. We'll keep that weeknight practice just as it is and Saturdays will become game days.

In short - Practice during the week, Game on Saturday

Let's Play Ball!

What should we bring?

Although there are a few equipment necessities, Tee Ball equipment is fairly in-expensive and easy to find. Take a look at the list below.



Equipment required for Play:

Batters Helmet - sized for your player

USA Approved Tee Ball Bat     (What size should I buy?)

Tee Ball Glove

Cleats or Sneakers (that you don't mind getting dirty)

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